Recent Modifications of Bentonite Clay for Adsorption Applications

  • Sadanand Pandey
Keywords: Clay, Modified Bentonites, Nanostructures, Organic, Inorganic, Contaminants, Herbicides, Metals, Ions, Adsorption, Kinetics, Envirnmental Remediation


Adsorptive removal of toxic compounds makes practical and effective use of modified bentonite composite is a standout amongst the most appealing methodologies. Lately, the modified bentonite, a subset of advanced porous nanostructured materials, due to their unique characteristics are demonstrating awesome guarantee for better adsorption of different water contaminants. Given the significance of organic and inorganic removal, as a vital class of pollutants, this research article intends to review and summarize, quickly the as of late published research on the adequacy of various modified bentonite adsorbents under different physico-chemical process parameters in organic and inorganic contaminants adsorption. The impact of pH, the adsorption mechanism and the applicability of various adsorption kinetic and thermodynamic models are briefly discussed. The vast majority of the outcomes watched demonstrated that the adsorption kinetic and isotherm mostly followed the pseudo-second order and Langmuir models respectively.

Review Article