Role of Big Personality Traits and Academic Self-efficacy in Tendency to Cheat and Cheat Attempt among High School Students

  • Romina Roohi
Keywords: Cheating, Self-efficacy, Personality, Student


Introduction: This study investigates the role of personality traits and academic self-efficacy in tendency to cheat among high school students.
Methods: 260 students were selected using random sampling method. Study tools included Neo Personality Inventory, Jinks-Morgan Academic Self-Efficacy Scale, Sepehrinia′s Attitude toward Cheating Scale, and Scientific Knowledge Test. Data analyzed by using statistical regression and Chi-squared tests.
Results: The rate of attempt to cheating in boys and girls was 60% and 50 % respectively. Results showed that all dimensions of personality traits except openness to experience in boys, and conscientiousness in girls predicted cheating attempt (Self-efficacy explained 20% of variance of tendency to cheat in boys, and 15% in girls).
Conclusions: It can be concluded that there is a relationship between academic self-efficacy and big personality traits.

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