Dandy-Walker Syndrome Associated with Recurrent Mania Episode: A Case Report

  • Maryam Akrami
Keywords: Dandy-Walker Syndrome, Ataxia, Bipolar Disorder


Introduction: Dandy-Walker Syndrome (DWS) is a congenital brain malformation. The psychiatric aspect of DWS has not been addressed sufficiently. To our knowledge, there are few reports about psychiatric presentation of this syndrome, especially bipolar disorder.
Case Presentation: We report a 48-year-old male with bipolar disorder type I diagnosis with recurrent mania episode apparently sensitive to benzodiazepines. The brain imaging was done to investigate the causes of ataxia and impairment of consciousness after prescription benzodiazepine. According to the neurological consultation, CT scan, and MRI findings, DWS was diagnosed. Following shunt insertion, the psychiatric treatments were more effective for control of psychiatric signs.
Conclusion: This case report implicated the importance of studying and accurate diagnosis in the preoperative administration of medication, especially in patients with recurrent mania episode and impairment of brain function following the sedating drugs administration.

Case Report