Psychotic Manifestations Due to High Grade Glioma of Corpus Callosum: A Case Report

  • Ehsan Zarepur
Keywords: Brain Neoplasms, Psychotic Disorder, Corpus Callosum, Hallucination


Introduction: Psychotic manifestations and other psychiatric presentations may be eventually secondary to involvement and disassemble of anatomy and brain structures. Glioma of corpus callosum is a rare tumor. We report a case of psychotic-like symptoms presumably due to tumor invasion to corpus callosum.

Case Presentation: A 53-year-old woman from north of Iran was referred because of a severe headache. She hadn’t a previous history of psychiatric or psychotic disorders and organic problems. The onset of headache was from 2 months ago. From 13 days ago, the headache was very severe with vomiting, decrease of visual acuity, dyspnea, talkativeness, aggression, disorganized behavior, disorientation, cognitive impairment, incontinency, insomnia, dysphoric mood, disorganized speech as incoherency, auditory, and visual hallucination. The brain MRI showed bilateral parasagital and posterior Corpus callosum lesions. The surgery was high risk for her and radiotherapy was suggested.

Conclusion: The physicians should be alert for clinical manifestations suggestive reversible and organic cause of psychotic disorders. It is important to be alert to the possibility of an organic cause to psychosis.

Case Report